Eat This, not that: Oral health edition

Often, when we’re looking into how to improve our teeth, including teeth whitening kit and ways to prevent tooth decay, you can look no further than what you eat. There are some foods that can help you, and some that do a lot of damage to your mouth and overall oral health. This article will give you what you should eat, and what you should avoid as well.

The first, is that you should eat cheeses, nuts, milk, and meats. These have a lot of calcium, along with phosphorus, which are two minerals that keep your enamel at its peak. If you choose to have these foods, you’re giving yourself more minerals to be on your teeth, and you can help improve the strength of that.

However, you should avoid white flour and starchy foods, such as potato chips, white breads and pasta, along with crackers. These contain a lot more sugars, and if you don’t remove it after eating, it will harm your teeth and gums due to the destructive acids that are present within this, so make sure that you don’t have these.

However, you should have more crunchy foods and veggies. These are a great snack because they have a lot of water to help dilute the sugars that are naturally in these. If you eat these, the foods will scrape against your teeth, and because of the high water content, you can wash away the food particles. Fruits and veggies that have a lot of water content will also encourage saliva production, which will clear the mouth better and create a barrier between your overall teeth and the acids that can destroy it, so they can certainly help as well.

However, you should avoid too many acidic foods such as oranges, limes, and pickles because they are in the mouth for a long time most of the time, and the acids within these can eat the enamel, which will cause the tooth to weaken, which makes it susceptible to the sensitivity of the mouth, along with overall tooth decay.

Also, when it comes to drinking, you should just drink water. Water is the best beverage in general to drink, and it also really does help your mouth. Even though some water isn’t fluoridated, water that isn’t can still help prevent a lot of cavities, and it can wash out a lot of the contents. Not only that, if you drink water with fluoride in it, it can prevent cavities. If you do question this, do talk to your doctor, and often they can help you with choosing the right water to drink. Also, drinking water throughout the daily activities you do will wipe away the sugars and acids that might be in the mouth between the teeth, which will prevent harmful bacteria and plaque from showing up, which will cause just further damage to the enamel and the gums, which isn’t fun.

However, if you drink soda, juice, and sugary drinks, it’s important to make sure that you don’t drink these a lot, and are aware on these. If you sip these, you’re exposing yourself to these acids all day, and because of that, it causes a much quicker tooth decay, along with other oral tissue issues such as the presence of canker sores.

When it comes to eating and drinking the right foods, a good sort of rule of thumb is to try to avoid sugar. Whether this be in the presence of foods, drinks, or even gum. You should definitely make sure that you don’t try to heavily go for the sugar-free substitutes as well. Those aren’t typically that good for you, and often, they still cause issues. If you can get sugar-free gum and chew that, do so. You should try to avoid sticky candy as well, since it can cause a lot of trouble on the teeth, and often it can harm the teeth and gums.

Talk to your doctor about teeth whitening, and let them know of these foods. Often, the reason why it might not be working as well is because of what you eat too. Do watch what you eat, for it can help.


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